About Premium Leisure LLC


Our hot tubs are made in the USA. Although only 7 plus years old, we are already one of the top spa companies Worldwide, currently selling in over 40 countries and distributed through global suppliers in dozens more. Our management team has been instrumental in the shaping the foundation of our industry and we are annual recipients of poolandspa.com 5-star rating as well as being a Trade-Certified manufacturer. Our products have approval ratings of ETL, CE, CSA, CEC and various other organizations whose responsibility it is to ensure that products comply with health and safety standards. Family owned and operated, we are a company that cares.


The Curvilinear design of a Premium Leisure hot tub or spa is very unique and unlike the designs of our competitors, so much so that we had it patented. Much like the auto industry that made multi-linier style lines popular, so too are our hot tubs. This gives them a pleasant and eye-appealing high perception of value.

While most companies will boast that their products are well built and engineered, few can claim, as Premium Leisure can, that their engineering team has well over 100 years of design and manufacturing experience. That experience is evident on the high quality and extraordinary performance of our spas and swim spas. Every vendor, every component and every piece of electrical equipment must meet rigorous standards before it is deemed suitable for use in one of our hot tubs or swim spas.

Creating new designs and concepts is an on-going process at Premium Leisure. Our Premium Spa line, as an example, incorporates as many as 5 unique patents or patents pending. Few companies will go to that expense – at Premium Leisure, it is our mandate (average is not acceptable).


Some manufacturers will fill their product with poorly placed and non-purposeful jet counts or under-performing pumps so to create the illusion of value. Not so in a Premium Leisure spa. Even though we have some spas with high jet or pump counts, each one has been designed for a specific therapeutic purpose and fluid engineered for peak performance. Our goal is a relaxing and therapeutic experience that is second to none. Up-graded pumps and piping combined with our trademark elevated - manifold plumbing system ensures that every jet delivers the precise amount of water and pressure. Things such as our patented Variable Velocity Induction system (VVI) – a feature that allows the used to control the precise pressure to a jet - is something unique and exclusive to Premium Leisure.


From the acrylic sheet that is formed into the spa to the ABS pan that is molded to support and protect your spa, we have carefully chosen our vendors. Names such as Balboa Electronics, Lucite Acrylic, AOC re-enforcement materials and Hi-wood cabinetry are all premium brand suppliers to our industry and have corporate visions and quality requirements that coincide with our companies’ expectations.


No cost cutting here. High quality Lucite or Aristech acrylic sheet is supported by a multi-layer of Vinyl Ester resin then further re-enforced with our composite “Fiberlite” substructure. The supporting framework is heavy-duty, pressure treated 2 x4’s, which are both screwed and stapled together for years of trouble-free ownership. A heavy gauge sheet of ABS is thermoformed and attached to the bottom to add support, provide pedestals for the positioning of equipment and pumps and to protect the consumers decking from staining or other foundation damage.

Next the spa is wrapped with a special insulation process that makes it one of the industry’s most economical to operate; a claim that can be substantiated by referring to the CEC (California Energy Commission) report on hot tub electrical requirements.

And finally, the spa is cladded with a simulated wood product that renders your hot tubs virtually free from maintenance; simply wipe it down from time to time as you might do with your patio furniture.

Premium Leisure spas come equipped with a protective cover that will keep the cold and dirt out while locking the heat in.


Premium Leisure offers a wide variety of products from budget priced models to the newest and ultimate in hot tub designs, features and benefits. Retail prices range from under $4000 to over $12000 depending size, features and complexity. We also have 10 different models of aquatic therapy and swim spas available to choose form. Also available is a wide variety of acrylic and cabinet colors to choose from. Some of our products, come ala-carte, offering the user the opportunity to choose the features they desire; others come fully featured.


The list is long and depending on the series, the feature may or may not be included or even available. Some of the more common features that are included or optional are:

  • Stainless steel jets
  • Ozone
  • Water falls or cascades (or both)
  • LED lighting
  • In-line sanitation (FROG)
  • Stereo’s systems (both stand along and integrated)
  • Touch screen electronics
  • Blue Tooth
  • Wifi
  • Salt Generation
  • Air massage system
  • 24 circulation and sanitation system


Depending on the series, our products will have a warranty that will range from 1 year to 5 years. We take pride in knowing that consumer satisfaction is the most important element of our position as a premium hot tub supplier and we support that belief with a technical support staff that is both knowledgeable and helpful.