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A place to bring family and friends closer together. Each Premium Leisure spa has its own unique pattern of hydrotherapy jets, designed and positioned to deliver a vigorous relaxing massage. Premium Leisure designers and engineers conducted studies of precise locations where these advanced hydrotherapy jets and comfort design sculpting seats would perform the best in an overall body massage. Premium Leisure offers a wide variety of water purifications methods to suit your individual hydrotherapy and bather load needs. Our premier Hydro-Pure®, system incorporates a silent sentry 24-hour circulation system with ozone and mineral purification. DO YOU… feel stressed, have sore muscular aches and pains, suffer from back problems, or have sport related injuries? Relief is just moments away when you own a Premium Leisure hot tub spa. Call our sales department today to find a dealer near you.

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Swim Spas

Transform your backyard into an oasis of relaxation, exercise, training and family fun. With Premium Leisure Swim Spas you can vacation every day, sneak in 30 minutes of daily stress relief, or perhaps escape rush hour traffic trying to get to the gym before all the treadmills are taken. Swim, exercise or just unwind and do it when you want to - at home... And it’s okay, it’s your World, so bring along a friend. Premium Leisure has mastered the swim spa industry with new innovation. Call our sales department today and find out what you have been missing in a swim spa. Our swim spas have a 16 gauge steel structure support, ABS hard plastic bottoms and cabinet siding made of synthetic which looks like wood.

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Fiberglass Pools

Premium Leisure In-Ground Fiberglass Pools is a full-service manufacturer specializing in all phases of fiberglass production with over 36 years’ experience combined. All fiberglass swimming pool shells are custom built to order through a detailed laminating process. Take a moment and look through our shell selection. At Premium Leisure Pools, we have the right package for you. Give us a call for more details.

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